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'When it comes to the world around us, is there any choice but to explore?'
Lisa Randall, Theoretical Physicist



Shomiround has educational, tourism and design research applications  

What is more pleasant than having a friend show you round somewhere she knows well? She also knows you well, your interests and preferences and she will tell you facts and stories about a place that will open your eyes to observe what you may otherwise not have noticed. You will have a new individualized understanding in a way not possible with a general guidebook.

Fascinating Tours

Showcase your favourite places through your own eyes and words.

Interesting Narratives

Add narration and notes to points of interest as you go, creating your tour for your audience to follow along.


Never miss out any attraction at the tour location with turn-by-turn navigation support.

Tour Highlights

'Life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes" Avicii with Aloe Blacc ....'Wake me up"  
Easy to Use

Create stunning tours right from your phone with just a
few taps.

Mentor & Encourage

Give back to the community by coaching and providing tours for aspiring architects.

Wide Reach

Users of Shomiround are from all corners of the world giving you a global audience.


Hear the author's commentary as they guide you in finding out about art, architecture and more.


Turn-by-turn navigation support to plan and take tours so you don't miss out.

Follow Authors

Find out about your favorite author's work as it's created.

Special Features

In the end we will love only what we understand, We will understand only what we are shown.
(After Baba Dioum, African conservationist)

Shomiround's App allows you to make your own tours, sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm of a locality or a special subject with the world by uploading it to the site, to be viewed for the enjoyment of similarly interested people. Prompts and guidelines help you to organize images, text and audio into the presentation you want.

Tours of your choice

Take art, architectural and landscape tours according to your specific interests and time constraints. It knows where you are in the world and has a wide database of tours that fit your preferences or that can suggest new avenues for you to explore to your schedule, in your ear, or shared with a friend.

  • A receptionist from Washington can advance his enthusiasm for historical battles with a trip to the Gettysburg battlefield sites
  • An Architect in Chicago is eager to teach school children the principles of structural forces with tours of buildings near the school.
  • An interior designer in Shanghai with a CPD interest in urban parks can research tours from Seoul to Chicago, Atlanta to Houston

Make or Take a Tour

Whether you are Making a Tour or Taking one, Shomiround lets you navigate around effortlessly!  

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